John Carpenter Is Willing To Score The Next 'Halloween' Sequel

David Gordon Green's Halloween gave fans a lot to love, the return of Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode, Nick Castle as Michael Myers (for select scenes), and most importantly, John Carpenter provided the score for the film, along with his son son Cody Carpenter and Daniel Davies. Carpenter's first film score since 2001's Ghost of Mars!

Jamie Lee has already stated that she is willing to come back to her role if David Gordon Green directs and we now have confirmation that Carpenter is on board to score the inevitable sequel!

“We’ll be ready. We’ve all talked about it. We’ll be ready,” he told Consequence of Sound.

Additionally, he also confirmed that Lost Themes III is currently in the works. “We’ve been putting together some music,” Carpenter adds, but the band is currently taking a much-needed break.

“The group is not intensely working on anything,” he states, “but we’ll get back together and do some more stuff. We need to rest now after Halloween and keep out of sight. We don’t need to bug anybody now.”

We currently have no news if Green will return for the sequel, but we do know that his Halloween arrives on home video on January 15th.


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