Eurohorror Classic 'The Devil's Nightmare' Is Getting Its Blu-Ray Debut From Mondo Macab

Nothing in your wildest imagination can prepare you for what happens!” And you’ll see it all in Jean Brismée’s Eurohorror classic The Devil's Nightmare, getting its worldwide Blu-Ray debut from Mondo Macabro!

"A group of seven tourists exploring Europe by bus find themselves stuck in a castle when they miss a planned ferry ride. The keep’s owner welcomes the company, but alludes to a family curse passed down through the generations. As his guests rest, they find themselves visited by a beautiful woman with an uncanny ability to discover their most private vices – and not all of them are going to make it through the night without giving in to their deadly sins. Unfortunately, this castle’s got a bit of a succubus problem, and their deepest desires may just get them killed in the most violently creative ways."

Mondo Macabro’s Blu-ray represents the film’s worldwide HD debut, replacing a decades-old print with a brand new restoration from the uncut negative, with both English and French language tracks. They’ve also tracked down director Jean Brismée for his first ever interview, second unit director Robert Lombaerts shares his memories in another talk, and legendary underground filmmaker Roland Lethem discusses the Belgian filmmaking scene in the ‘70s. The always-entertaining Troy Howarth contributes another audio commentary track. There may even be a few more surprises when the disc hits the streets. As tradition dictates, there will first be a red case Limited Edition that includes a reversible cover, a set of liner notes from Pete Tombs and some lobby card reproductions.

Currents plans are to offer The Devil's Nightmare for sale around the second week of January.

Expect more news about Mondo Macabro’s 2019 slate very soon – be sure to follow Cinema Arcana on Facebook for more updates!


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