'Dollman Kills The Full Moon Universe' Issue #5 Is Now Available For Pre-Order

This week, Full Moon Comix premiered the fifth and freakiest issue of "Dollman Kills the Full Moon Universe," the high-concept, original comic series featuring the perpetually pissed-off mini-cop Brick Bardo annihilating every single character from Full Moon's three-decade history!

This time Dollman packs his pistol and lays waste to slew of creepy FM creeps like... The Creeps! Also meeting their makers this round is The Killer Eye, The Gingerdead Man, Dr. Alien, Zarkorr The Invader and more!

Order your copy of Dollman Kills the Full Moon Universe #5 today! Available in THREE alternate covers!

Be sure to visit FullMoonComix.com for news, updates and more killer promotions!


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