Horror Kills 2018 And Still Gets Shut Out Of Golden Globes Nominations

So, the nominations for next year’s 76th Golden Globe Awards were announced this morning, and though we could say that it comes as no surprise that the horror genre has once again been ignored, we won't. Horror had one hell of a great year! It comes as a complete surprise that Hereditary wasn't nominated for anything. No Toni Collette for Best Actress and Ari Aster also received nothing...

I know many horror fans considered Collette as a sure-fire nominee for the Golden Globes, even an Oscar, so it's rather shocking that she wasn't nominated at all. Collette delivered one of the year's greatest performances in Hereditary but horror is no stranger to being shafted by major awards ceremonies. Still we're shocked by this exclusion.

The horror genre did receive *one* very odd, head-scratcher of a nomination though. John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place scored a nomination for Best Original Score – Motion Picture (Marco Beltrami). What? How ironic is that? A film with very little sound at all was nominated for its sound...

Regardless, Beltrami's score is a damn good one. Check out a track below.


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