StudioADI Shares Concept Art For Emissary Predators That Were Cut From 'The Predator'

Originally, there were going to be two “Emissary Predators” in Shane Black's The Predator, they were actually filmed but ended up being cut from the film. Today, studioADI has shared a video that features their concept art for the characters.

They detail, “Early drafts of Fred Dekker and Shane Black’s script had two characters called Emissary Predators. The Emissaries were of the Scientific Class, the ones who design the technology used by the Warrior Class. Our first instructions were to imagine them as older and wiser versions of the familiar Predators.”

“Later they became fearsome, and eventually they were not part of the final film. Still a fun design challenge!”

Check out the "Emissary" concept art in the video below!


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