Movie Crypt's Third Annual "Save The Yorkies" Marathon Begins Next Week

For the third year in a row hosts Adam Green, Joe Lynch, and Green's dog Arwen will be staying awake and on the air live for two straight days providing non-stop entertainment and raising money to help homeless, abandoned, neglected, and abused Yorkshire Terriers in desperate need of foster and medical care.

The 3rd annual Move Crypt 48-hour live marathon to benefit Save A Yorkie Rescue will take place on starting Friday December 14th at 5pm PST and going straight through until Sunday December 16th at 5pm PST!

With a parade of celebrity guests stopping by around the clock, live comedy, live music, live script readings, live film commentaries, live effects demonstrations, and more.

"To date the boys have raised just about $40,000.00 for Save A Yorkie Rescue, a non-profit and fully volunteer rescue organization dedicated to saving wonderful dogs just like THE MOVIE CRYPT’s own Arwen. Throughout the weekend fans can easily make donations through the provided link ( or by bidding on amazing items that have been donated to “Arwen’s Silent Auction” by Arwen’s many celebrity friends. (The link to the auction will be posted during the marathon.) All money raised goes directly to Save A Yorkie Rescue."

Although the full line-up for each year’s marathon is always a surprise, some of the events that you can expect during this year’s event are:

"Iconic filmmaker Joe Dante (GREMLINS, THE HOWLING) will open this year’s marathon as the first guest! There will be a live script reading of George A. Romero’s never before seen, never produced screenplay for THE MUMMY (with revisions by fellow master of horror Mick Garris)! There will be live film commentaries with special guests for all three films in the original STAR WARS trilogy as well as a special live commentary for VICTOR CROWLEY with horror icons Kane Hodder, Felissa Rose, and Tiffany Shepis (who did not appear on the commentary included on the film’s home video release)!!

There will be appearances and/or live performances by FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH’s drummer Jeremy Spencer, THE GUESS WHO’s (and former OZZY OSBOURNE / QUIET RIOT / WHITESNAKE) bassist Rudy Sarzo, and JASON CHARLES MILLER! There will be live special effects demonstrations, live tarot card readings for fans, live comedy, and (of course) loads of the candid conversations with celebrity artists that THE MOVIE CRYPT podcast is known for! In Arwen’s Silent Auction you’ll be able to bid on tons of items including: getting to name a character in the next season of ABC’s THE GOLDBERG’s, being a guest on comedian Doug Benson’s DOUG LOVES MOVIES, rare screen-used movie props and wardrobe, original artwork, and for the second year in a row you’ll also be able to win a date with Adam Green, Joe Lynch, or Arwen!"

The link to listen to the broadcast will be posted when the special 2-hour pre-show with DJ Green and MC Licks-A-Lot kicks off at 3pm PST on Friday, December 14th.


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