'In Search Of The Last Action Heroes' Launches Explosive New Trailer

After an insanely successful Kickstarter campaign, the team behind In Search of Darkness, an in-depth retrospective on '80s horror movies, are moving forward with production, which is set to begin in January.

But while you wait for that, we have another project from the same team that may interest you.

They've just launched a new trailer for their other film, a documentary on the '80s action genre called In Search of the Last Action Heroes. This project is a few months ahead of In Search of Darkness and about to enter post-production, so this trailer (which includes footage from the documentary) gives you a glimpse of what to expect for In Search of Darkness!

There's currently a pre-sell campaign running on Indiegogo for In Search of the Last Action Heroes. This is your last chance to support this campaign, get some awesome exclusive rewards, and be the first to see it!

Via the Indiegogo page:

"Matrix, Rambo, McClane, Ripley, Connor, Dutch - the power of their stories excited and inspired a generation of action enthusiasts. Join us as we explore what made these films a success, how they evolved through the ‘90s, and what caused their eventual decline.

With 25+ interviews and 100 hours of footage under our belts (and more to come), we’ve already got some amazing material."

You can expect to see interviews with Bill Duke (Predator), Vernon Wells (Commando), Ronny Cox (RoboCop), and many more!

The documentary will be released in April 2019 for backers only and with the campaign closing on Christmas Eve, there's not much time left to claim your copy on Blu-ray or DVD!


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