'Super Death League Zine' Issue 2 Now Funding On Kickstarter

Tired of boring stapled magazines and dreaming of a zine that wasn’t minimalist, artist Shane Lewis went to work calling upon his talented friends and colleagues to contribute to a brand new, professionally bound, 5" x 7" paperback book and thus "Super Death League Zine" was born!

The first issue of "Super Death League Zine," released back in September, contains 140 plus pages of creepiness from the likes of Gary Pullin, 1984 Productions, GWAR, and Slaughter to Prevail and many more contributors. That's just too much awesomeness for one book!

That's why the second issue is planned to double in size and will be packed full of new features and contributors. This second issue will be a soft cover as the previous with a wider spine with the issue number beautiful emblazoned for the avid collector.

A Kickstarter campaign has been launched to help fund "Super Death League Zine" Issue 2 and for backing the zine Lewis and crew have a ton of exclusive bonuses that will only ever be available to backers. These include exclusive prints, postcard sets, sticker packs, and other goodies!

The issue is already in the works and will feature full interviews from Berserker Blothar from GWAR and the thrash band, Revocation. As well as tons of new goodies from all of the 15+ contributors!

Check out some of the amazing perks you can claim below and visit the campaign page to contribute!

Also, be sure to check out more of Shane Lewis' stunning artwork at Shane-Lewis.com


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