Peter Jackson's First Four Films Will Be Restored In 4K With New Bonus Contents

Back in October, we reported that both Bad Taste and Dead Alive were being restored in 4K by the WETA Digital VFX team, and now Peter Jackson has revealed that those aren't the only two films being restored! Jackson's Meet the Feebles and Heavenly Creatures will also be receiving the same treatment.

Even cooler, all four films will possibly be packaged in a box set and will be packed with never-before-seen bonus content!

“I’ve done some tests on Braindead (aka Dead Alive), where we took the 16mm negative and put it through our restoration pipeline — and shit, it looks fantastic!” Jackson told The Hollywood Reporter. “I’m pretty keen to actually just get them back out there again. That’s sort of my plan for now: to do a nice little box set — the early years! The naughty years!”

“The mixes on those films were pretty much all stereo in those days, so we’re going to get the old soundtracks out and do a 5.1 mix,” added Jackson.

“I’ve always had video diaries being shot,” he explains. “So I’ve got about an hour or two of us shooting Bad Taste, seven or eight hours of us shooting Meet the Feebles, 50 to 60 hours of us filming Braindead, and at least 70 hours of us doing Heavenly Creatures. And it’s not just people talking to camera. It’s actually a guy on the set filming us making the film. So there’s some pretty interesting stuff there and none of it has ever been out.”


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