[Trailer] Fan Made 16-Bit 'Mandy' Game Is Now Available For Free Download!

Last month, we told you that game developer Abel Alves was creating a retro stylized, 16-bit video game based on Panos Cosmatos' Mandy, and today we're excited to report that the game is now finished!

Even better, the game is now available to download for free from Abel's website!

Alves details the game…

“Mandy the Videogame is a freeware classic 16 bit videogame inspired by the world of the movie Mandy. In this game you will play as Red, fighting demonic motorbikers, mad fanatics, and other crazy enemies; trying to avenge his girlfriend, the charming Mandy.”

Below, you'll find the trailer, which shows off some of the game's level designs, including a special Cheddar Goblin level!


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