[Trailer] Director Kimo Stamboel Enters The Towers Of Hell For 'Dreadout'

Without a doubt, the Indonesian filmmaking duo, the Mo Brothers, consisting of Kimo Stamboel and Timo Tjahjanto (The Night Comes For Us), have created some of the most intense and entertaining foreign films release in the last decade!

Stamboel, who's film credits include Macabre, Killers, and Headshot, is now adapting the Indonesian smash hit indie video game, Dreadout: Tower of Hell, into a feature film and today we have an English-dubbed trailer to share with you!

The film is about a group of students who head to the site of a mysterious cult murder in a bid to become popular on social media.

“When I first experienced the game, I knew it had awesome potential to be made into a feature film,” Stamboel told ScreenDaily. “As a horror fan, there’s room for me to explore and push the genre further. And the coolness of destroying ghosts with cell phones makes this concept more in tune with the current audience.”

Stamboel also stated he would add local cultural influences to make the film “uniquely creepier and more terrifying”.


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