NBC Developing Small Screen Adaptation Of Horror Podcast 'The Black Tapes'

Supernatural podcast, The Black Tapes has been giving horror fans nightmares ever since its launch back in 2015 and today, Deadline reports that NBC will be developing it into a television series.

Described as a supernatural drama, the series will be written and directed by Emerald City co-creator Matthew Arnold and podcast creators Paul Bae and Terry Miles.

"The Black Tapes" adaptation follows a journalist’s investigations into the unexplained supernatural mysteries caught on tape by a skeptical scientist. Each week the two of them embark on a journey exploring the literal and figurative ghosts that haunt them both.

"The Black Tapes is a bi-weekly podcast from Pacific Northwest Stories and Minnow Beats Whale, and is hosted by Alex Reagan. The Black Tapes is a serialized docudrama about one journalist's search for truth, her enigmatic subject's mysterious past, and the literal and figurative ghosts that haunt them both."

Guymon Casady and Ben Forkner executive produce for 360 Productions. Universal TV is the studio.


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