'The Man In Room 6' Releases Promo Stills And Crowdfunding Teaser

As a part of the film’s newly launched crowdfunding campaign, Live or Die Productions in association with Middle West Movies has released a new teaser video and promotional stills for the upcoming art-house horror film The Man in Room 6, starring Bill Oberst Jr. and Jackie Kelly. This marks the first time Oberst has worked with the director, Trevor Juenger since 2014’s Coyote.

The release of this new teaser video comes on the heels of the recent launch of the film’s crowdfunding campaign on Seed&Spark. Seed&Spark allows contributors to fund independent films directly without creative interference from studios.

The campaign is offering memorabilia, early screenings, and for the first week of the campaign, personalized photos that place contributors in a scene from The Man in Room 6. The teaser trailer can be seen at www.themaninroom6.com

The film is currently in production which means it will take some time before its scheduled release in 2020. Until then, promotional activities like this give some insight about what’s going on 2 behind the scenes.

Contributions can be made through the production’s Seed&Spark page.


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