Teaser Image Released For Netflix's 'Slasher' Season Three

When Chiller bit the bullet, fans were worried that their series "Slasher" would go down with the horror-based channel, luckily Netflix scooped up the rights to the show and will be releasing a third season, as we reported a few months back.

Adam MacDonald, director of Backcountry and Pyewacket, helmed the entire third season of the horror anthology series for Canadian producer Shaftesbury. A new teaser for the season was released this week stating that "The Druid" will strike on the longest night of the year, June solstice maybe?

The third season "follows a killer seeking revenge on witnesses to a murder in an apartment complex.”

Ian Carpenter (“Frankie Drake Mysteries”) serves as executive producer/showrunner on the third season. Stay tuned for more details in 2019!


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