The Man In The Mask Stalks Again In Fan Film 'The Strangers: Origins'

We've seen some quality fan films this year, some even looking as good as major motion pictures that are coming out of Hollywood. Given how easy it is for anyone to pick up a camera (or phone) and make a film that's of such high quality is rather inspiring!

The latest high quality fan film to catch our attention is Jakob Owens’ The Strangers: Origins, a prequel to the original film that was released last week.

The 7-minute film perfectly captures the vibe of Bryan Bertino’s The Strangers and centers on a young woman being stalked by "The Man in the Mask".

The Strangers has always been one of my favorite horror movies and I've always wanted to tell a prequel to the first one. Would love to do a feature film," Owens said in the YouTube description.


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