'Revenge Of The Spacemen' Invades Blu-ray In February From Troma Entertainment

Aliens make another attempt to invade earth, this time by “probing innocent citizens and farm animals.” It’s up to George and his friends to save the world. A raucous, horrendously funny, indy B-movie that’s sure to make you laugh at least twice!

Jay Summers' Revenge of the Spacemen is coming to Blu-ray on February 12th from Troma Entertainment. The film stars George Tutie, Janine Sarnowski, Janet Jay, Fred Munkachy

"Unable to convince other backwater locals that what they saw was more than an intoxicated hallucination, the witnesses of an alien invasion embark on a mission to find proof of the extraterrestrial invasion. When the gang turns up a couple of missing backwater cretins who recount their tales of anal-probed alien abduction (compounded with a seriously out of this world case of gas), townspeople finally start to believe. The noxious gases go from unbelievable to unbearable, and it takes a boozy backyard standoff to eradicate the extraterrestrial BDSM terror!"

Special Features:

  • An Introduction by Lloyd Kaufman (creator of the Toxic Avenger)

  • Original Trailer

  • Deleted Scenes

  • Troma’s Coming Distractions, and more


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