Unearthed Films Announces 'Too Extreme For Mainstream' Brand

Unearthed Films, is an extreme horror distribution label known for releases such as Atroz, The Vomit Gore Trilogy, the Guinea Pig series and the American Guinea Pig series. and as many of you are aware, they have been distributed through all major outlets in North America.

Because films like Torment (2017) and Deep Web XXX have scenes of unrepentant cruelty and are of a highly disgusting nature, they cannot be released through Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart or other online retailers without getting into legal trouble.

So Unearthed have decided to offer these films as the beginning of their newly announced "Too Extreme For Mainstream" brand. These titles will only be available through the Unearthed Films website in limited quantities for orders. Each film will have a one-month window for pre-orders.

You can check out the trailers for both films below.


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