Rachel Is On The Run In New 'Lifechanger' Clip

Arriving on VOD tomorrow, January 1st from Uncork’d Entertainment, we have a new clip from the festival hit Lifechanger to share with you.

Written and directed by Justin McConnell (Broken Mile, Skull World), Lifechanger tells of a murderous shape-shifter that sets out on a blood-soaked mission to make things right with the woman he loves.

"Drew has an identity problem. Every few days, has to shape-shift, or face a painful death. He has to find someone and make a copy. He takes everything: their looks, memories, hopes, and dreams. Their entire life. He becomes them, and they die horribly. Enter Julia, the object of Drew’s affection."

Lifechanger stars Lora Burke (Poor Agnes), Elitsa Bako (Antiviral), Jack Foley (Fugue), Rachel Vanduzer, Steve Kasan, Sam James White ("Trailer Park Boys"), Adam Buller (Galaxy of Horrors), Peter Higginson (TIFF-selection Latched), Mark Rainmaker, Brian Quintero, Ry Barrett (The Heretics) and Bill Oberst Jr. (Three From Hell).

Executive producers include James Fler, Andrew Thomas Hunt, Keith Leopard, Michael Paszt, Pasha Patriki, and Marvin Waxman. Produced by 9 Light Entertainment in association with Federgreen Entertainment and Unstable Ground.

The film features practical effects by David Scott’s Form & Dynamics (Jack Brooks Monster Slayer, Clown, Slasher: Guilty Party).


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