[Review] Timo Tjahjanto's 'May The Devil Take You' ('Sebelum Iblis Menjemput')

Lesmana (Ray Sahetapy - The Raid) sits in his villa. Clearly waiting for something...or someone. There is a knock at the door. A priestess, that looks far from good and a shade darker than evil now occupies the doorway. She takes Lesmana to the cellar. Once there, we see a severed goat's head outlined by a pentagram. (Sounds like a normal Tuesday night in my household) A deal is made on that dark and stormy night. Lesmana will sell his soul for riches that night. You see where this is going... Somebody or something is gonna come collect.

10 Years Later Now...

After making a pact with the devil to become showered in riches, Lesmana enjoys what seems to be a financially promising segue into his golden years. Then everything takes a turn for the absolute worse. Now Lesmana is in the hospital clinging for life with nothing and no one left. Cue the introduction to his twenty-something daughter, Alfie (Chelsea Islan). Alfie is small time pickpocket thief who hates her father for abandoning her. But like most the young, curiosity outweighs the hate. After she hears of her father's health, she travels back to the villa where her, Lesmana, and now deceased mother used to live, searching for some sort of evidence that will help make sense of everything that has happened. She will find the truth she searches for but at what cost. How much blood will be shed before Alfie gets the answers she accepts.

Writer/Director Timo Tjahjanto scores again with his part possession, part haunted house, part family drama (to the highest degree). It's like The Exorcist with a pitch of Frailty and a splatter of The Evil Dead. *Narrator* I like what you did there. And now the writer is talking to himself...

May the Devil Take You is now available to stream on Netflix.


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