Almost 30 Million Subscribers Watched Netflix's 'Bird Box' In Its First Week!

Netflix's original movies continue to grow in popularity as Nielsen has this week backed up the streaming service's reported data by confirming that a whopping 26 million subscribers in the U.S. watched the newest original film Bird Box in its first week of availability! Additionally, 45 million members checked the film out globally!

Deadline reports that Bird Box is service's biggest original movie to date, only bested by the Season 2 of "Stranger Things" by about 1 million views.

It's worth noting that the biggest day for Bird Box was its *eighth* day (December 28th), not its first, on the service. This is most likely due to the insane amounts of word of mouth and hilarious memes on social media. 45 million viewers in one week is quite a monumental achievement!

Could there be a Bird Box 2 in the future? We don't doubt it for a minute, and there most certainly is room to expand upon the film's universe.

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