Death Metal Band Tribe Of Pazuzu Announce Debut EP 'Heretical Uprising’

The resurgence of old-school devoted death metal has left our tired, cliched landscape with a massive, gaping chasm. From this pit of putrescence, climbs the rotting, fetid carcasses of early-90s-sounding death metal.

Refusing to let this classic sound die, bands such as Skeletal Remains, Gruesome, Necrot, and Zealot Cult have ushered in the musical equivalent of a zombie apocalypse. There is no sense fighting it… death and metal are the law of this old-school land.

Today, we welcome a newcomer to these lands. Calling themselves Tribe of Pazuzu, the project comprises some true heavyweights of death/extreme metal in Flo Mounier (Cryptopsy), John McEntee (Incantation), and Randy Harris (ex-Macifecation). The tribe are lead by mainman Nick Sagias (Soulstorm, ex-Overthrow, ex-Pestilence).

Tribe of Pazuzu are set to drop their debut EP, Heretical Uprising, February 8th. As a taste of what’s to come, the guys have dropped a 30-second teaser of the song "Indoctrinated Into Enslavement". Check it out below.

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