[Trailer] 'I Spit On Your Grave' Star Camille Keaton Is Back In 'Cry For The Bad Man&#39

40 years after starring in I Spit On Your Grave, exploitation legend Camille Keaton is back in another home invasion thriller Cry for the Bad Man, which just received a trailer ahead of its festival run.

Keaton stars as a small town widow who faces a grisly confrontation with 3 extortionists.

In the film, “A small, southern town turn their backs on local widow, Marsha Kane, who faces extortion from the privileged sons of their hometown hero. Threatened with violence, Marsha responds with violence, as she’s forced to make a last stand.”

Cry for the Bad Man was written and directed by Samuel Farmer, also starring Scott Peeler, Karen Konzen, Eric Dooley, Christopher James Forrest, Mark Poppleton, Victor Jones and Kurt McCall.


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