[Trailer] Netflix Releasing Hallucinatory Descent Into Hell 'Ánimas'

Ánimas (Souls) will arrive on Netflix this month from Filmax, the company behind the [REC] franchise, Sleep Tight and Summer Camp. The film will be available to stream beginning January 25th.

In the film co-directed and written by Laura Alvea and Jose Ortuño...

“Alex is a confident girl with a strong personality and great tenacity. She’s very close to her best friend Abraham, to whom she provides constant help and support, as Abraham is a shy, withdrawn and insecure boy, mainly due to the complex relationship between he and his parents.

But everything changes when Daniel – Abraham’s father – dies in a strange accident, the cause of which is unclear. From this moment on, Alex finds herself on a hallucinatory journey that takes her on a descent into hell, where the line between reality and nightmare becomes blurred to the point that Alex begins to question the foundations of her very existence.”

Ánimas stars Clare Durant, Ivan Pellicer, and Angela Molina.

Check out the official trailer below.


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