'Legacy Of Lo Pan' Expansion Announced For 'Big Trouble In Little China: The Game'

Last year, Everything Epic partnered up with Flipside, BOOM! Studios, and 20th Century Fox to create Big Trouble in Little China: The Game, and the game has obviously been successful as today, Everything Epic has announced a new expansion for the game, titled Legacy of Lo Pan.

The Legacy of Lo Pan expansion increases the max player count from 4 to 6 players. In addition to increasing the number of players Legacy of Lo Pan will allow players embark on a brand new story campaign. The campaign mode, comes with a new mission book, containing nearly 40 pages of new story adventures, and changes key mechanics of the core game to provide an exciting new experience that will take players through the time travel story, unlocking all new special rewards to use in the new final showdown with a younger more powerful Lo Pan.

Legacy of Lo Pan was designed by the same team that brought you Big Trouble in Little China: The Game, Chris Batarlis and Boris Polonsky.

“Finally, we continue the EPIC tale that we embarked upon back in 1986. We have the lucky responsibility of continuing John Carpenter’s tale of ole’ Jack Burton and Wang Chi as they struggle against the malevolent forces of Lo Pan, but this time, they get to travel through time!” said Chris Batarlis, Everything Epic President

Priced at $39.95, fans of the core Big Trouble game are invited to visit www.everythingepic.us to secure their copy, with a free Six Demon Dice Bag as a pre-order bonus. The expansion is slated to release in late March, 2019.


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