Full Moon Acquires A Dozen Blue Underground Titles For Streaming

Director and producer William Lustig's (Maniac, Maniac Cop) venerable home video distribution imprint Blue Underground has been lovingly restoring and re-releasing dozens upon dozens of iconic and obscure international cult, science fiction, horror and dark fantasy films for almost two decades. Movies like Lucio Fulci's Zombie (recently released by Blue Underground in a delirious 4K transfer), Sergio Corbucci's Django, Jess Franco's Venus In Furs and so many more, have put Blue Underground on the macabre map as one of the most respected and acclaimed labels in genre film history.

Charles Band's equally celebrated Full Moon studio and distributor has long been associated with Lustig, having licensed many of Blue Underground's key cult classics like Maniac, The Prowler, The Cat O' Nine Tails, Deep Red and more for their subscription based Amazon and Full Moon Streaming channels. Today, Full Moon announced the acquisition of yet another pack of potent cult curiosities and horror masterpieces, all of which will begin streaming over the next two months.

The Blue Underground "Butcher's Dozen" includes:

AMSTERDAMNED Dick Maas' violent thriller about a serial killer stalking Amsterdam!

DEAD & BURIED Gary Sherman (Raw Meat) and Dan O'Bannon (Alien) unleash one of the most disturbing horror/mysteries of the 1980s!

DEAD OF NIGHT (aka DEATHDREAM) Black Christmas director Bob Clark's tragic post-Vietnam riff on "The Monkey's Paw" is as emotional as it is eerie.

HELL OF THE LIVING DEAD Bruno Mattei's deranged and outrageous cannibal zombie gore epic is filled with carnage...and stock footage!

HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY Lucio Fulci's mashes The Amityville Horror with his own The Beyond with this gory, stylish, dream-like haunted house thriller!

THE NESTING Underrated psychodrama thriller features Hollywood legend Gloria Grahame in her final film role!

THE NEW BARBARIANS Enzo G. Castellari's post-apocalyptic action romp sees Fred "The Hammer" Williamson kicking ass and taking names!

NEW YORK RIPPER Lucio Fulci's most controversial film is a sleazy, bizarre murder mystery with explicit, sexual violence and a killer that quacks like a duck!

RATS: NIGHT OF TERROR Bruno Mattei's future-shock chiller sees grubby punks fighting a legion of ravenous rats in an urban wasteland!

SHOCK WAVES Peter Cushing stars in the ultimate Nazi zombie film, featuring undead aquatic death-soldiers haunting a mysterious island.

THE STENDHAL SYNDROME Asia Argento stars in this controversial psycho-thriller directed by her father, the great Dario Argento.

THE LIFT Take the stairs! Dick Maas' cult thriller about a murderous elevator from Hell!

The Blue Underground "Butcher's Dozen" will begin its run on Full Moon Streaming and Full Moon's Amazon channel beginning January 28th with The Lift, The New Barbarians, Dead and Buried and House By the Cemetery. More titles will be added over the coming weeks. And look out for at least *thirty* new outrageous horror and cult film acquisitions coming to Full Moon's channels very soon!

Subscribe to Full Moon Amazon HERE and Full Moon Streaming HERE.


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