[PAX South 2019] Time Waits For No Man In The Trailer For 'Layers Of Fear 2'

Ever since Gun Media, publisher of Friday the 13th: The Game, and Bloober Team, the critically acclaimed developer of the cyberpunk-horror game >observer_, announced their partnership for Layers of Fear 2, fans have been fervently awaiting more details on what to expect.

Well at PAX South 2019, they've delivered just that, and released both a new trailer and the first development diary for the upcoming psychological horror title.

In the first video, the developer diary, you'll see various members of the team talking about how they sought to preserve all that fans loved about the first game, in addition to creating a multi-layer story that takes inspiration from the art of cinema.

The team also reveal that the game's protagonist is a star of Hollywood's golden age, who's been offered the role of a lifetime. Filming for said role will take place on an ocean liner and delves into search for self-identity.

The trailer features the chilling voice of Tony Todd (Candyman) and provides a glimpse at the game's setting and creepy atmoshere, offering a brief look at what to expect when the film releases sometime this year.


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