[Album Review] Witching Hour '…And Silent Grief Shadows The Passing Moon'

This album was total ear candy for me. I’ve been searching for a melodic black metal band. I loved some of the dark 70’s tones they incorporated with 80's thrash, and in some ways it has a power metal vibe almost. There were lots of different, tasty jams before and after guitar solos, and even for intro/outro’s. I love the diverse use of instruments and songwriting. There were lots of showcases for the guitarists to display their talents and it helped sell this album for me. I was highly entertained and eager to listen to more and just hit play again when it was over. When I usually listen to new artists or albums I usually have to listen to it a few times to see how much I really like it. This album had me grinning from ear to ear because I couldn’t stop head-banging.

The title track “…And Silent Grief Shadows the Passing Moon” had great progression and had an almost Led Zeppelin vibe to it I loved the build-up to the lead vocals. It’s not necessarily common to start singing the lyrics about midway into the song, but this is why I loved listening to this album. It was fresh and different with a rhythm to compete with. I loved the bass tone as well as how well it matched with the drums and guitars with fervor and precision. This set the tone for the whole album as it was very similar, but it’s great for when you’re in the mood for nice melodic, black metal guitar work.

“From Beyond They Came” was another great track that had me lost in the loose songwriting. I loved the merging of the black metal guitar tone with a Def Leppard-style guitar solo. The flowy melody carried me away too. “As I Walk Among Sepulchral Ruins” closed out the album beautifully with a mellow harmonic on guitar before it punches you with fast guitars and heavy hitting drums. The use of the organ was a great element I especially loved to help make the song bigger and help put you there in the song.

Witching Hour's ...And Silent Grief Shadows the Passing Moon is now available on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape formats from Hells Headbangers. Listen to "As I Walk Among Sepulchral Ruins" below.


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