Michael Gross Updates That 'Tremors 7' Is Currently Being Written

We reported back in December that actor Michael Gross had signed on for the seventh entry in the Tremors franchise, reprising the role of Burt Gummer.

“Tremors fans will be delighted to know I have just agreed to the terms of a contract for a SEVENTH film,” Gross stated on Facebook last month. “My best estimate is that Burt Gummer will begin his hunt for Graboids and other nefarious forms of wildlife in the fall of 2019.”

This week, the actor has offered up another minor update, “Burt Gummer and Tremors fans will want to know I read the first draft of Tremors 7 this weekend, and it is not s**t! Lots of good stuff and good ideas from our initial story conferences at Universal Pictures, but still much to do to get it just right.”

Stay tuned for more updates!


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