Terror Films Teams With Cyfuno Ventures For Multi-Horror Picture Release

Terror Films has teamed up with Cyfuno Ventures to release After Dark, Hell Town, Asylum: The Lost Footage and Don't F*ck in the Woods internationally. These films will appear on Amazon Prime, Google Play and iFlix. The launch begins this Tuesday, January 29th.

The films, all of which have been released domestically by various distributors, will now be available digitally in multiple countries including: the U.K., Ireland, Asia, Africa and many others.

From scream queens to killer creatures, scary-ass ghosts and dumb twenty-somethings putting themselves in deadly situations, there’s something for everyone in these titles. Terror Films have released a promotional sizzle reel and banner created just for the international release. You can check both out below.

AFTER DARK – Spring break for seven college students is derailed after a flat tire leaves them deserted on a dark road and stranded with a menacing drifter.

HELL TOWN – From award-winning directors Steve Balderson and Elizabeth Spear and Scream Queen Debbie Rochon comes this special feature presentation comprised of three episodes from the never before released prime-time, melodramatic whodunnit, horror-comedy series.

ASYLUM: THE LOST FOOTAGE – A group of amateur ghost hunters go missing after they journey into the bowels of an abandoned Insane Asylum, in a search for evidence of paranormal activity. Video cards, salvaged from the building, reveal the tragic fate of the missing ghost hunters.

DON’T F*CK IN THE WOODS – A group of friends, on a camping trip to celebrate graduating college, soon find their good times ruined when they viciously attacked by a mysterious creature.


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