Jeffrey Combs To Voice Edgar Allan Poe In Audiobiography 'Alone: The Life Of Poe'

Jeffrey Combs will once again take on the role of Edgar Allan Poe, having played the literary master of horror once before in the stage play Nevermore, and he will now portray Poe in an upcoming "audiobiography."

Combs will lead a cast of over 200 roles in the 10-hour audio drama chronicling the extraordinary life and times of Edgar Allan Poe.

Alone: The Life of Poe features 20 half-hour chapters that are written, directed and produced by Mark Redfield. The project is currently raising funds on Indiegogo and goes into production in Spring 2019.

The audiobiography will be available as a 10-disc CD box set, and on iTunes and Audible in January 2020, just in time for Poe's birthday.

"The Life of Poe chronicles the tragic life of one of America’s favorite and most influential writers, from his birth in Boston in 1809 to traveling actors, to his mysterious death in Baltimore in 1849."

Alone: The Life of Poe also stars Mackenzie Menter (as Eliza Poe), Lana Wood (as Maria Clemm), Paul Day Clemens, Brinke Stevens, Debbie Rochon and many, many more! Jennifer Rouse is the composer and Sound Designer.


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