Second Sight To Release 'Dawn Of The Dead' And 'Martin' On Blu-ray This Year

We recently told you that UK label Second Sight Films had teased an upcoming Blu-ray release of George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead. The company have now confirmed that they'll indeed be releasing the Blu-ray later this year! But that's not all, Romero's vampire film Martin will also see a release from the company!

Following a licensing deal with producer Richard P Rubinstein, CEO of New Amsterdam Entertainment, the UK distributor will be re-issuing the highly-acclaimed and much in-demand Romero classics.

Slated for release later this year, Second Sight plans to give the legendary films the full Special Edition treatment that it is renowned for. Recent releases from the company in newly restored Limited-Edition Blu-ray Box Sets include cult classics When A Stranger Calls, The Changeling and Xtro. All featured stacks of bonus content and stunning packaging and have become real collector’s items.

Dawn of the Dead and Martin are set to arrive on Blu-ray complete with a host of brand-new special features, making them ‘must-buys’ for all horror fans and collectors. Further details on the company’s plans will be announced in the coming weeks via Second Sight Films’ social media channels.

In Dawn of the Dead, "With a zombie epidemic escalating, a small band of survivors seek refuge in that shrine to capitalism, the shopping mall. But the undead, still possessed by an instinctive desire to consume, have had the same idea… What follows is a nail-biting thrill-ride and fight to survive."

In Martin, "Believing himself to be an 84-year-old vampire, a young man stalks his victims, sedates them and uses a razor blade rather than fangs to draw blood. But is he really a modern day Nosferatu, or just a very disturbed individual?"

Stay tuned for more updates and pre-order info as they become available!


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