Oscar Isaac Cast As Duke Leto Atreides In Denis Villeneuve's 'Dune'

Academy Award-nominated director Denis Villeneuve (Prisoners, Sicario, Blade Runner: 2049) will be bringing Frank Herbert’s Dune back to the big screen for Legendary, with at least two movies. We previously reported that Dave Bautista had come on board and we now have news (via The Hollywood Reporter) Oscar Isaac is in talks to join the cast as Duke Leto Atreides, the father of lead character, Paul Atreides.

“Set in the distant future, “Dune” tells the story of Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet), whose family accepts control of the desert planet Arrakis. As the only producer of a highly valuable resource, control of Arrakis is highly contested among competing noble families. After Paul and his family are betrayed, the story explores themes of politics, religion, and man’s relationship to nature as Paul leads a rebellion to restore his family’s control of Arrakis.”

Villeneuve co-wrote the script with Eric Roth and Jon Spaihts.

Other previously announced cast members include, Rebecca Ferguson, Stellan Skarsgård and Charlotte Rampling.


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