Visually Stunning 'Legend Of The Demon Cat' Opens In U.S. Theaters Next Month

From internationally celebrated filmmaker and Palme d’Or winner Chen Kaige, Legend of the Demon Cat will open in U.S. theaters next month, courtesy of myCinema. Set to coincide with the Chinese New Year, the film will hit theaters on February 5th, 2019.

Set in the late Tang Dynasty, the film follows, "A mysterious cat invaded into garden of the head of the Imperial Guard, leading to a series of bizarre events in the ancient capital of Chang'an. Famous poet Letian Bai was assigned to look into this case and got to know Japanese monk Kukai in the course of the investigation. As the two men digging closer to the truth, a shocking piece of history emerged."

With an estimated production cost of US$200 million, Chen Kaige arranged the construction of the entire city set with lakes, rivers, palaces, caves, glamorous buildings and parks - providing the audience with a time machine to go back to the ancient city of Chang'an. “I have yet to feel at ease making an entire movie using just a green screen,” said Kaige.

Legend of the Demon Cat is based on the novel Gensoshin Kukai, by best-selling Japanese fantasy writer Baku Yumemakura, and stars a list offamous actors and actresses from both China and Japan, including Xuan Huang, Shôta Sometani, Kitty Zhang, Hao Qin and Hiroshi Abe, Haoran Liu, Oho Ou and Crystal Zhang.

Check out the film's visually stunning trailer below and get your tickets today!


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