John Boyega Is Open To An 'Attack The Block' Sequel

Before stepping into the role of Finn and achieving Hollywood super-stardom in the new Star Wars films, actor John Boyega headed the cast of Joe Cornish‘s sci-fi comedy film Attack the Block, which was his very first feature film role.

The film centers on a teenage street gang who have to defend themselves from predatory alien invaders on a council estate in South London.

A potential sequel and television series have been brought up in past interviews, with both Boyega and Cornish, and in a recent Instagram post, Boyega states that he's open to reprising the role of Moses if the opportunity arises.

“If the supporters want it then I’ll have to get back to Peckham ASAP,” he said in a comment.

Peckham being the district in London where Attack the Block was filmed.

Back in 2011, Cornish told IFC that Boyega had plenty of ideas for a sequel, “He has this image of a bigger alien attack on London, as if the attack we saw in Attack the Block was just the [first] wave and there’s another wave of bigger creatures. And he described to me this image of Moses leading a whole army of hood kids across the Thames, next to the houses of Parliament. He had an image of Moses on a police horse. You know the police in London who have those horses they use in riots…somehow Moses has got onto one of those horses. So he’s on a horse leading this army of South London kids across the river to take on this bigger wave of aliens. So yeah it’s really fun to think of stuff like that and what we could do.”

While nothing is in the works, it's nice to see that the potential is still there and Boyega hasn't turned his back on his roots.


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