Umbrella Entertainment To Release Splatter Masterpiece 'Death Warmed Up' On Blu-ray

Carrying a stylish new-wave/punk energy ala Liquid Sky colliding head-on with the gritty, no-holds-barred splatter of early Peter Jackson...but pre-dating Bad Taste and Dead Alive (Braindead) by several years. Death Warmed Up had conservatives outraged and horror fans in awe of its relentlessly grim and stylized atmosphere, winning awards and critical acclaim. And today, Umbrella Entertainment have revealed that they'll be releasing the film on Blu-ray and DVD on April 3rd, 2019!

"Locked away in a psychiatric hospital for the murder of his parents, no one believed Michael Tucker when he told them he was programmed by a genetic surgeon. Released into the world, he wants revenge.

Dr Archer Howell has been experimenting on humans at Trans Cranial Applications, drilling the skulls of his patients and injecting drugs into their brain to create psychotic killing-machines. Isolated on an island and left to his own devices, Dr Howell is about to have a deadly visitor..."

Directed by David Blyth (Angel Mine) and written by Michael Heath (Next of Kin), Death Warmed Up is a relentless assault of bold and startling images, unimaginable horror and driving soundtrack.

Pre-order from Umbrella Entertainment.

Extra Features

  • Audio commentary with Director David Blyth and Writer Michael Heath

  • I'LL GET YOU ALL: Interview with actor David Letch

  • Deleted/Missing scenes with optional audio commentary

  • Original New Zealand 4:3 VHS cut

  • Interview featurette with David Blyth and Michael Heath

  • Theatrical trailer

  • VHS Trailers

  • TV Spot

  • Image gallery


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