James Cameron Hints That He May Be Returning To The 'Alien' Franchise

While the future of the Alien cinematic universe is currently up in the air, we were offered some sense of relief with Disney announcing they plan to keep R-rated franchises going under Fox's banner. That is, once the deal goes through for them to acquire the company's assets. We're thinking instead of continuing Ridley Scott's prequel storyline, Disney will reboot the franchise with something new.

It was reported years ago that District 9 and Chappie director Neill Blomkamp had been developing a direct sequel to Aliens, a project that was halted by Scott's direction for the franchise. Of course, we thought Blomkamp's sequel would never see the light of day, but maybe, and this is a big maybe, James Cameron is reviving it?

In a recent chat with IGN on the red carpet for Alita: Battle Angel, Cameron briefly touched upon the project when asked about giving Blomkamp "a call about Aliens," to which he responded: “I’m working on that, yeah.”

This may not seem like anything at all at the moment, but it definitely has us wondering. Can you imagine? Cameron and Blomkamp working together on a sequel to Aliens! Besides, Cameron did just return to the Terminator franchise to produce Tim Miller's sequel to T2. So let's hope Aliens is next!


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