[Album Review] Tytus 'Rain After Drought'

Tytus is an 80’s style thrash/glam band from Italy back with their second album, Rain After Drought. I love how they incorporated different elements of 80’s rock and metal in this album, from a rock ballad to a glam/thrash tune. I also loved how each instrument had a focal point and their own time to shine, and they really did! I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more from this band, as I really like bands that are reminiscent of glam bands from the 80’s. I enjoyed how each instrument was being utilized in different ways and there was a great range to be entertained by.

“Disobey” started us out with a long intro, which is not too common of a song structure and was nice to listen to the instruments. The vocals weren’t introduced until the song was already half over, but it packed a punch with the time it had. “The Invisible” has some great transitions. My favorite part of this song was the rhythmic breakdown in almost Coheed and Cambria style. The addition of a backup singer to sing along at this part pulled that part of the song beautifully. “The Dark Wave” has a very Night Demon, NWOBHM Iron Maiden vibe…similar to "Aces High". I like the variation of the vocal style on this song, especially in the chorus. I love the singing/screaming Steven Tyler vocal style, and any musician who can do different talents with their instruments. There's also melodic change-up about 2/3 of the way through that I really enjoyed. Everything fit together well, it's well written, and the tempo is just right.

“Death Throws” has a very "Master of Puppets" vibe, which I really appreciated. The intro was a combination of old school Metallica with some doom influence. There was a great variety of drums patterns I enjoyed a lot. This one is my favorite on the album. I thought the concept of Rain After Drought Parts One and Two was unique with part one being strictly instrumental and part two adding the vocals. Part One has a flowing rhythm from the get-go. There were certain timings I thought were a bit awkward, but it was enjoyable. It featured great dual high octave harmonies on guitar that was refreshing to hear as well. Part Two is my 2nd favorite track on "Rain After Drought" with the 80’s ballad vibe it features. It’s very heavy on the power chords and the higher octave vocal range that’s common with most 80’s singers. It did remind me of Story of the Year about half way through that I thought was a cool mixture of different music styles. To close the album, “A Desolate Shell of a Man” finished strong with an 80’s heavy metal ending.

Rain After Drought is now available from Fighter Records.

Tracklisting for Tytus' Rain After Drought 1. Disobey 2. The Invisible 3. The Storm That Kill Us All 4. Our Time is Now 5. The Dark Wave 6. Death Throes 7. Rain After Drought - pt.1 8. Rain After Drought - pt.2 9. Move On Over 10. A Desolate Shell of a Man


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