Dee Wallace And Courtney Gains Join The Cast Of 'Await The Dawn'

Pablo Macho Maysonet IV's intensely paced horror film Await the Dawn heads into production this Arpril, and today we have learned that horror icons Dee Wallace (Cujo, The Howling) and Courtney Gains (Children of the Corn) have joined the film's cast.

Await the Dawn follows “A family in turmoil, traveling cross county in their RV to seek professional treatment for Jamie, the youngest child’s drug addiction. Their plans are quickly derailed as Howard, a desperate man with a terrible secret, ambushes them at gunpoint. With little to no reason given, he instructs them to transport him as far south as possible. However, they are quickly cut off by a mysterious pre-teen girl named Maggie. She may seem like a sweet all American girl, but deep inside, she harbors an immense otherworldly evil. The troubled family must now put their trust in their captor, as they try to survive the night...”

With a firm stance in “old school” horror filmmaking, the production will follow strict practical effects only approach to achieve the many, sure to be remembered, special effects sequences throughout the film.

“There’s always something missing when productions rely more on CGI than practical effects. Today’s audiences are not dumb. I think it’s only fair to give them something with a bit more authenticity” says Maysonet.

Written and directed by Maysonet, the team is led by Executive Producers Gerri Rothschild and Gregg Christie with Matt O’Neill and Maysonet Producing.

Leading the cast on their ride through hell are: Josh Server (Nickelodeon’s All That), Gregg Christie (This is the Year), Caitlyn Fletcher (The Red Suit) and Mia Talerico (Good Luck Charlie).

Supporting the cast are also Vernon Wells (The Road Warrior) and Bruce Davison (Insidious: The Last Key).

Based on an original screenplay by Maysonet, production will take place in and around, Los Angeles, CA.


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