[Toy Fair] 'Jaws' Funko Pop! Figures And Official Board Game Revealed

Funko has previewed a ton of new Pop! vinyl toys ahead of this weekend's Toy Fair in New York, and up next we've got a look at an upcoming wave of Jaws vinyls! Celebrate the 1975 classic film that continues to terrify beachgoers 44 years later.

The Jaws Pop! vinyl figures include Chief Brody, consulting oceanographer Matt Hooper, shark hunter Quint,and two 6" versions of Bruce the shark, one with a diving tank in his mouth and one without.

Check out the preview below.

In addition, Gizmodo has announced the official Jaws board game!

The site details, the board game plays out in two major acts...

Act One: Amity Island, has one player controlling the shark terrorizing Amity Island by attacking swimmers, while up to three other opponents (playing as Quint, Brody, and Hooper) try to cooperatively figure out exactly where the shark is hiding in the surrounding murky depths.

Once the shark is located, the game switches to a second act.

Act Two: The Orca, the board gets flipped over which puts the three human players aboard Quint’s doomed Orca boat that is slowly sinking. These players still work cooperatively to try and stop the shark before it attacks and completely dismantles the boat, but they don’t know where the player controlling the shark is going to make their next strike.

The 2-4 player game will be released by Ravensburger in June 2019, selling for $30.

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