[Short Film] Eager Hollywood Hopefuls Are Sacrificed To The 'Casting Couch'

The sixth and most ambitious release from horror-comedy filmmaking collective SiniSisters Productions hit the internet last week, Titled Casting Couch, the short is one hell of a treat and easily among the best I've seen in recent years.

"Since the dawn of Hollywood, an evil being has lurked in the shadows, feeding off the insecurities of auditioning actors and actresses. The creature has grown stronger over the decades, consuming hopes and dreams with reckless abandon, as those around it turn a blind eye. But now in 2019, it has finally met its match!"

Casting Couch stars Milly Sanders, Jessee Foudray and David Stanbra in the leading roles and is directed by Matt Thiesen and Justin Lee. The short film’s incisive script was written by Milly Sanders.

With the Oscars right around the corner, the hot-button issue of harassment in Hollywood looms heavily in the air. This film comments on the age-old problem of abuse of power in the film industry, while remaining true to the SiniSisters style of darkly comic horror.

The short will be submitted to festivals and released on the filmmakers’ website. More of their films can be found at SiniSisters.com.

Take ten minutes out of your day and watch the short below, you won't regret it!


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