It's Confirmed, That Is Peter Weller In Those KFC 'RoboCop' Commercials

Dead or alive, you're coming to dinner.

Yesterday, we shared with you three of KFC’s bizarre “Colonel RoboCop” advertisements, and if you didn't see them HERE, we're sure you saw them all over your social media feeds. The commercials use Detroit's finest law enforcement icon as the food chain's newest mascot, with the idea that RoboCop has been enlisted to protect KFC's Secret Recipe.

Some people loved the videos, others, well, not so much. But many have noticed, "Colonel RoboCop" sure does sound a lot like Peter Weller himself, who played the character in thee original franchise. That's because it is indeed Weller! Slash Film has confirmed that Weller's voice is featured in the commercials, and it's quite possible that's Weller inside the suit!

“We have no comment on that,” Weller’s agent told the site, when asked if the actor reprised the role physically. So that's basically a "yes". We'll go with that.

Neill Blomkamp recently stated that he'd like to bring Weller back to the role in his upcoming RoboCop Returns. It he'll return for KFC, surely he will for Blomkamp...

If you missed the commercials, you can watch them below.


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