Paramount Has Removed 'Are You Afraid Of The Dark?' Movie From 2019 Release Date

This Halloween season was looking rather fantastic for fans of the '90s Nickelodeon series "Are You Afraid of the Dark?", as both a rebooted TV series and a film adaptation were slated to be released this October. But all of that looks to have been thrown to the wind today, unfortunately, as we've now learned that Paramount has removed the film from the 2019 release slate entirely...

Twitter's @BoxOffice details,

“Are You Afraid of the Dark?, previously slated for 10/4/19, now has no release date.”

The revival TV series was set to release on Nickelodeon and coincide with the film's release, so with the delay of the film's release, it's quite possible the show has been delayed as well.

The show revolved around a group of teenagers who referred to themselves as The Midnight Society. Every week, at a secret location in the woods, one members would tell a scary story to the rest of the group, some of which were based on public domain fairy tales, short stories or urban legends. The film will tell a completely new story from The Midnight Society.

D.J. Caruso is directs the film that is written by IT writer Gary Dauberman, who says that the film will “honor the darker, scarier tone of the show.”


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