[Trailer] 'Dead By Daylight: Demise Of The Faithful' DLC Dropping This Month

Reach out and touch faith.

Doing so may corrupt your character, though, as the new DLC chapter for the multi-million selling asymmetrical survival horror game Dead by Daylight has been announced. Monday’s developer livestream laid out what to expect for the new killer, The Plague, and the new Survivor, Jane Romero, once the chapter, titled “Demise of the Faithful,” drops later this month.

The Plague looks opulent and horrific all at once, with her incenser, her ornate crown, and her otherworldly presence. The High Priestess of Babylon uses her power, known as Vile Purge, to sicken the Survivors and weaken them over time. The Survivors can find fountains, known as Pools of Devotion, throughout the map to cleanse them of their illness, but if The Plague interacts with the Pools once a Survivor has cleansed themselves, her power grows, adding devastating power to an already threatening Killer.

Jane Romero is a TV host with the most… baggage. She has struggled for ages trying to break through, only to be passed over by critics and producers alike. After an overdose while driving in wintry conditions, she came to within the realm of The Entity, the all-powerful God complex of Dead by Daylight that feasts on hope and suffering.

I won’t cover the perks for the new characters, as the hard numbers have yet to be released for any of them, only what each perk does. At first glance, The Plague looks like she could be one of the most cerebral Killers in the game. Her style reminds me of The Clown, with his Anesthetic Bottles used as more of a herding or directing tool, rather than outright damaging the target. Add to this that Vile Purge can be used on things on the map such as pallets, one of the Survivors’ few defenses against the Killers, and the potential for The Plague only grows. As someone who is a Killer main, I am personally very excited to get my hands on The Plague - or should I say, get down with the sickness? (Ooh wah ah ah ah!)

Visually speaking, “Demise of the Faithful” looks like it will be one of the prettiest chapters in recent memory for this game. The jury is still out on how well The Plague and Jane Romero will fit into the meta of the game, but as far as I can see, this will be one of the most interesting additions to the Dead by Daylight roster yet.

The Public Test Build for this chapter, which will include the rework of the Decisive Strike perk, is due out sometime this week. Based on the schedule of previous DLC chapters, expect this chapter to drop within the next couple of weeks. Here is a link to the developer’s post about “Demise of the Faithful” from the official Dead By Daylight forums.


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