'Rawhead Rex' Director George Pavlou Says The Film May Get A Reboot

Rawhead Rex has been an underdog since the film's limited theatrical release back in 1987, and it definitely didn't benefit at all from Clive Barker's apparent displeasure with the film. And while "Rawhead" is by no means the best Clive Barker adaptation, it has garnered a rather substantial cult following over the years.

Though the titular character never had the opportunity to star in his own franchise or even a sequel, director George Pavlou states in a new interview that he may be bringing the monster back to life!

“We might reboot Rawhead Rex,” Pavlou tells The Dark Side Magazine. “After 30 years and with the film finally out on Blu-ray and the fans so enthusiastic for it, well, it’s just pleased me enormously. For years I’ve been watching this horrible degraded, nasty 4×3 format version on YouTube and it was just depressing me so I spent ten years trying to acquire the rights in order to get the full wide screen negative sourced copy out there.”

Are you a fan of Rawhead Rex? Would you like to see a reboot? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned for more updates!


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