[Review] 'Dolcezza Extrema' ('Sick Sock Monsters From Outer Space')

In a galaxy 30 million parsecs from our solar system, no star is similar to the sun... Inhabitants of some planets in the galaxy survive due to radiation branched from the core of the globe. Others live in the coldest environments imaginable. To survive, they use "Kalamajids," also known as a "sunlamp." To maintain body heat, they are forced to do continuous physical activity. The activity being religious worship... They worship monarch, King Grigorio XXII.

The empire, galactic. The cult, fitness and beauty. In memory of personal trainer, Elfisio Masciago whom was electrocuted by a sunlamp ten years prior; monarch Grigorio orders tanning showers to be delivered to all places of assembly on every planet. But who will be tasked with this very important mission. A pirate ship called the Dolcezza Extrema. The ship is manned by a has-been rock star, an ex-con named Pixws, and a crew of recovering drug addicts. Once the ship and crew travel to the planet Nemesis, Pixws questions the soundness of his orders. A mutiny ensues. Will the Dolcezza Extrema make it home or will King Grigorio destroy them for their insolence?

From the mind of Massimo Vavassori and direction of Alberto Genovese comes Dolcezza Extrema. Dolcezza Extrema (also known as Sick Sock Monsters from Outer Space) is a bizarre epic set in every corner of the universe. Socks, Drugs, and Rock and Roll From Outerspace. Think Aliens. Think Danny Boyle's Sunshine. Think Team America World Police. Combine all of those with some LSD and you have Dolcezza Extrema. Are you ready for it?

Amongst the many positives the movie exudes, production design and special effects were the standouts.

I briefly spoke with Alberto Genovese: What I was convinced were miniatures (the sets) being used to create the environment, turned out to be digital effects, said Genovese. He went on to say everything was digital but the socks! Which, once you see it, you will come to the same realization that I did: Alberto Genovese and Loboarts Productions are going to go on to bigger things in the realm of cinema. If they could produce the sights and sounds they did on Dolcezza Extrema, on a shoestring budget (quite possibly less than that), then I'm excited to see what they can do with more than a nominal budget. And they can't do that without your streams and/or hard copy purchases.

While the film was released in 2015, it wasn't until 2016 that Troma Entertainment acquired it for U.S. distribution. From their site you may choose to stream it or purchase the Blu-ray. Your humble correspondent kindly suggests you get a hard copy.


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