Severin Releasing New Zealand Splatter Film 'Death Warmed Up' On Blu-ray

It was announced last month that Australian company Umbrella Entertainment would be releasing the criminally underrated splatter flick, Death Warmed Up, on Blu-ray this year, and we've now learned that Severin Films will also be giving the film a Blu-ray release this April.

Three years before Peter Jackson’s Bad Taste, a young New Zealand filmmaker sprayed international movie screens with brains, blood and bizarre body fluids for the first splatter movie in Kiwi history: Director David Blyth (Wound, Ghost Bride) launched his genre career with this relentlessly graphic – and still-intense – story of mad doctors, nude teens, psychotic mutants, shotgun murders, power drill lobotomies, explosive action and punk attitude that calls “weird, wonky and one hell of a ride that will have gorehounds howling!”

Michael Hurst (Hercules: The Legendary Journeys), Bruno Lawrence (The Quiet Earth) and Ian Watkin (Dead Alive) star in the film.

Severin will be releasing Death Warmed Up as a standalone Blu-ray and as a "Death Bundled Up" package with a street date set for April 30th, 2019.

Special Features:

  • BLU-RAY EXCLUSIVE: Original New Zealand 4×3 VHS cut

  • Audio Commentary with Director David Blyth and Writer Michael Heath

  • I’ll Get You All: Interview with Actor David Letch

  • Deleted Scenes with Optional Audio Commentary by Director David Blyth and Writer Michael Heath

  • Interview Featurette with David Blyth and Michael Heath

  • Theatrical trailer

  • VHS trailers

  • TV Spot

  • Reversible Wrap

  • Exclusive Slipcover


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