Original 'Goosebumps' Illustrator Tim Jacobus Teases New Project With R.L. Stine

Much like classic VHS cover art of the '80s, the illustrations on the original Goosebumps books are what convinced many readers to check them out in the first place. And even though R.L. Stine has penned every single Goosebumps story to date, artist Tim Jacobus' contributions to the series are equally as important, for this writer at least. Jacobus illustrated every iconic cover in the original run, painting images in the mind of the reader and truly bringing Stine's stories to life.

It's been over a decade since Stine and Jacobus have worked together, but in a recent chat with Ghoulish Cast, the legendary artist teases that a new collaboration is in the works!

“R.L. and I haven’t done anything together in about 15 years, and I can’t tell you too much about it, but we are working together again,” Jacobus said during the podcast.

“There’s gonna be something he wrote with some of my artwork on the cover," he continued. "I just recently finished it up. My part is done. My guess is, we’re looking at the usual six month turnaround. It’ll be probably the Fall. There’ll be something there for you to see.”

Very exciting news! Stay tuned for more updates!


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