'Evil Dead' DLC Possibly Coming To 'Dead By Daylight'

Alright, you primitive screwheads, listen up.

Hot off the heels of the release of the “Demise of the Faithful” DLC on Tuesday, it seems as though Dead by Daylight developers Behaviour Interactive are giving players a sneak peak - accidentally or otherwise - at the next potential licensed character in the game.

Upon entering a Kill Your Friends or Survive with Friends lobby, players can view any and all available perks for Killers and Survivors without having to unlock them through the Bloodweb, the leveling system for the characters. Following today’s update to coincide with the new DLC, there were three additional perks, listed as belonging to Ashley J. Williams. These perks are Mettle of Man, Buckle Up, and Flip-Flop, each with their own Ash quotes in their respective flavor texts.

This leak is a big hairy Deadite deal for several reasons, the most obvious being holy shit Ash effing Williams. If Ash is released as a DLC character, it would mark the first licensed character since the Saw chapter was released in January 2018. If no Killer is added to the pack (and this seems to be the case, as no Killer perks were leaked in the same fashion that Ash’s were), it would be only the second time that a Survivor was released without a corresponding Killer. The first such instance was the PC-exclusive “Left Behind,” which added Bill Overbeck from Valve’s Left 4 Dead franchise into the realm of The Entity.

It would also mark the second time that a Survivor was leaked by the developers in any form or fashion. The first time, some players received a daily ritual objective of a number of hook saves with Sidney Prescott, the final girl from the Scream franchise. The leak turned out to be a ruse by the developers, as nothing else came of it. Perhaps, then, we shouldn’t get too terribly excited about the prospect of the S-Mart salesman with a sawed-off joining the roster of Survivors just yet.

But if he does… Groovy.


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