[Album Review] Then Comes Silence 'Blood'

Then Comes Silence is a multifaceted Rock Band from Stockholm, Sweden. In 2011 Singer/ Songwriter Alex Svenson wrote his first demo for what would become Then Comes Silence in 2012. The band released their self titled debut album the same year. The members who played on this album are still kept secret to this day.

Although the bands line up has changed over the years the current members are Alex Svenson (Vocalist, Bass), Jonas Fransson (Drums), Mattias Ruejas-Jonson (Guitar) and Hugo Zombie (Guitar). Then Comes Silence currently has plans to release a new album next Winter which will be Matthias and Hugo’s first album with the band.

In 2013 the band released their second album Then Comes Silence II. This album contains some great songs such as "She Lies In Wait", "Mothman", and "Falling Into The Void". Since the bands first two albums Alex has changed his singing style quite a bit.

2015 saw the return of Then Comes Silence with their third album Nyctophilian: Then Comes Silence III. Some of my favorite tracks off of this album are "Strangers", "She Loves the Night", and "Animals". I absolutely adore their musical style on this album. In fact, "She Loves The Night" was the first song I heard by them.

The bands most recent album Blood was released in 2017. They are are currently signed to Nuclear Blast. Blood is the album that blew me away. It’s one of the best records I have heard in a very long time. Each song flows so beautifully into the next. "The Dead Cry For No One", "Warm Like Blood", and "Flashing Pangs Of Love" are my personal favorites.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Alex and he credits David Bowie, Black Sabbath and The Doors as musical influences. He also enjoys Buzz Kull, Ritual Howls and True Moon, a Swedish artist. He’s a fan of classical music as well most notably Beethoven and Dvorak.

If you’re a fan of Rock, Dark Wave, Goth Rock, Or Post Punk I think you’ll really dig these guys. They are incredibly talented and I am very excited for their next album release!

Then Comes Silence is currently on tour with their next tour date being in Rome, Italy at Zoobar on April 12, 2019.

Blood is available now from Nuclear Blast Records.


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