[Event Review] iNation's Elektro Bloody Music Night - March 20th, 2019

Photo by Artist X Photography

The iNation stands as the premier dark alternative night in the Midwest. A staple of Bowling Green, OH since 1999, the night has previously played host to acts such as Mushroomhead, Ventana, and Stitch of Mushroomhead. Though the 20th Anniversary looms in the distance, coming April 24th, the iNation and its beloved Wednesday Night Freaks opted not to conserve their energy, but instead let it all hang out this past Wednesday for their Elektro Bloody Music Night.

The cast of characters for the night was a collection of weirdos and screwheads emblematic of the Wednesday night tradition. DJ Havok, the perennial opener, is also known for Toledo’s Broken Glass monthly industrial night. DJ Darks Choir is the voice of The iNation, with his black and white mask, glowing green eyes, and his “the party doesn’t stop until I fucking say so” attitude. DJ AudioFlesh brings his signature brand of angry robot music, including his own track, the Army of Darkness-sampling “Hail 2 The King,” available through Glitch Mode Recordings now. The special guest DJ for the night is Jay Misanthropia, coming all the way from Leland City Club in Detroit and Necto’s Factory Monday in Ann Arbor.

Feature attraction Chaos Detroit brought a blood wrestling match to the iNation stage, with play-by-play commentary from Factory Monday’s Yoda. The blood, the baby oil, and the babes brought a level of dark entertainment to Liquid Bar that few other nights can rival. Birthday girl Taylor Logan, known to The iNation for her costumes (check out her Calypso cosplay from this past Halloween) and her dance moves, got a cake and banners treatment courtesy of several of the night’s faithfuls and her fellow Haunted Hydro monsters.

All due respect to the major cities and their respective alternative nights, there is a monster of a night lying in the heart of Wood County, in the downtown of a college town with only 30,000 citizens. The iNation is providing the darker-minded denizen with a club night full of stomp-inducing tunes, a welcoming clientele, and a sizable dance floor. If you missed out on EBM Night, mark your calendar for Wednesday, April 24th, as The Ination will celebrate its 20th Anniversary. Major announcements for the night are set to come in the approaching weeks, so stay tuned to their Facebook pages for the latest news.

The iNation is the Wednesday night tradition held at Liquid Bar (formerly Skybar), located at 238 North Main Street in Bowling Green, Ohio, next to Howard’s Club H. Doors open at 9pm, with no cover for patrons 21+. Patrons at least 18, but not yet 21 will pay a $4 cover charge on regular Wednesday nights. Any goth, steampunk, cosplay, or other assorted alternative dress is not only encouraged, it is mandatory.


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